2010 Submissions

A Christmas Suprise A Christmas Suprise Rated Stars Santa gives a blowjob for christmas Comedy - Original Chaos Chemistry LE Chaos Chemistry LE Rated Stars Chaos Chemistry music video looping Music Video Chaos Chemistry Chaos Chemistry Rated Stars radom music video Blockhead: HHS Blockhead: HHS Rated Stars Blockhead does something on impulse! Comedy - Parody I need new a Keybaord!!! I need new a Keybaord!!! Rated Stars craWLING IN MYSKINnn!!1;ld Family Guy is still SHIT Family Guy is still SHIT Rated Stars family gUY WILL NEVER Be FUNNY!!! Mass Voting FAQ: Begging Mass Voting FAQ: Begging Rated Stars Beggers omfg BEGGERS!!! I BEG FOR VOTES LOL!!! Sprite A Gay: 3 Sprite A Gay: 3 Rated Stars sprites go gay for the third time They are Still Alive They are Still Alive Rated Stars what Sprite A Gay: 2 Sprite A Gay: 2 Rated Stars spirts go gay again!!! Sprite A Gay: 1 Sprite A Gay: 1 Rated Stars sprITE A Gay number 1 Gaybar : Guest Gaybar : Guest Rated Stars SAM WANTS A SPECIAL GUEST!! f4Gg0t Saves the Day!! f4Gg0t Saves the Day!! Rated Stars f4gg0t saves zimbabwe Mythbusters XXX Edition Mythbusters XXX Edition Rated Stars The Mythbusters have a sex myth to bust! Newgrounds is Down Newgrounds is Down Rated Stars Everyone acts this way!! Spam Happy Birthday Hitler!! Happy Birthday Hitler!! Rated Stars happy b-day hitler TANKMEN 8!!! TANKMEN 8!!! Rated Stars IM A TANKMAN LOL i level 16 !!! i level 16 !!! Rated Stars dzvfads Obeseity Ruins Sex Obeseity Ruins Sex Rated Stars fat people and sexy shitt MPHDLAG MPHDLAG Rated Stars teh best mario movie ever FLASH Demon Defeated FLASH Demon Defeated Rated Stars ROY HAS DEFEATED THE DEAMON OF FLASH!!!! Heil Replies to PMs Heil Replies to PMs Rated Stars i culdnt pm these guyzz Family Guy SUCKS!! Family Guy SUCKS!! Rated Stars family guy LOLOL!O!LOLO!!!! junk.. junk.. Rated Stars 08 penis -Super Mario Bros ZX- -Super Mario Bros ZX- Rated Stars THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SUPER MARIO BROS Z go X!!!!!!!!!!! Ultimate JEM Tribute Ultimate JEM Tribute Rated Stars Jew is trooly outrageous!!! Have another F4Gg0T year! Have another F4Gg0T year! Rated Stars Unfunny racist shit i should be sent to prision Best of NGF Best of NGF Rated Stars Best of NG F4gg0ts <3 Phoenix Raps Phoenix Raps Rated Stars OMG ITS A PHOENIX WRONG FLASH! The Best of Sex0r: 2007 The Best of Sex0r: 2007 Rated Stars sex0r of 2007
roytorince tribute roytorince tribute Rated Stars RoyTorince is my best friend Tribute 4 Allen Awesome F Tribute 4 Allen Awesome F Rated Stars hell0 allan; F4Gg0T's Newgrounds F4Gg0T's Newgrounds Rated Stars F4Gg0T SPEAKS ABOUT WHAT NEWGROUNDS IS ABOUT BECAUSE ITS GR8 FUN Comedy - Parody Heil's New Grounds Heil's New Grounds Rated Stars Heil contributes to the influx of My New Grounds flash. Comedy - Parody Ultimate Mario Fan Flash! Ultimate Mario Fan Flash! Rated Stars ULTIMATE FAGGOT!!! Gaybar : HENTAI Gaybar : HENTAI Rated Stars Sam is watching Hentai on TV OMG!1!!!! Hitler SUCKS A penis Hitler SUCKS A penis Rated Stars hitler gets hurttt Spam GTA IV EPic f0otage GTA IV EPic f0otage Rated Stars omG GTA IV F0OTAge1!1!1 Super Mario sluts Z ep 7 Super Mario sluts Z ep 7 Rated Stars ¿? 2girls1stephen 2girls1stephen Rated Stars Oh stephen you dirty man! Why wasn't this BLAMMED 2 Why wasn't this BLAMMED 2 Rated Stars why wasn't this blammed 2!! Naruto &amp;amp; Sonic Hentai #1 Naruto & Sonic Hentai #1 Rated Stars silly Comedy - Original sugababes rule sugababes rule Rated Stars htitoh Why wasn't this BLAMMED Why wasn't this BLAMMED Rated Stars </flash> Spam Dancing Guy Ep.2 Dancing Guy Ep.2 Rated Stars Josh Bedn wants candy Dancing Guy Ep.1 Dancing Guy Ep.1 Rated Stars WadeFulp Dances Steal Sprites &amp;amp; Get Money Steal Sprites & Get Money Rated Stars i stole everything in this flash lmao hello alvin earthworm Doing the Bird Walk Doing the Bird Walk Rated Stars Doing the bird walk baby. TANKGAY 1.0 TANKGAY 1.0 Rated Stars TANKGAY because we can! Spam -=Around the World=- -=Around the World=- Rated Stars Around the world Drunken Dude Ep. 2:2 Drunken Dude Ep. 2:2 Rated Stars Description: Phoenix UNFUNNY Phoenix UNFUNNY Rated Stars Phoenix Wrong IS UNFUCKINGFUNNY One Thousand Words One Thousand Words Rated Stars heha Madness Tribute Nr.249542 Madness Tribute Nr.249542 Rated Stars This submission is just shit, ok? Phoenix Wright sucks cock Phoenix Wright sucks cock Rated Stars fenix wright is da shit sprites=overrated and gay sprites=overrated and gay Rated Stars huhuh Pretty NEAT Collab Pretty NEAT Collab Rated Stars An NG F4gg0t collab you FUCKING drunk you FUCKING drunk Rated Stars Shut up and sleep with me, come on why don't you sleep with me. The Word IS N****R!! The Word IS N****R!! Rated Stars it's not an N WORD PENIS #05 PENIS #05 Rated Stars i like n****r penis PENIS #04 PENIS #04 Rated Stars forth penis BRB FAG BRB FAG Rated Stars this is fucking gay and unfunny fuck you nig gers faggots TEH fuck you collab TEH fuck you collab Rated Stars teh PENIS 9/11 Edition PENIS 9/11 Edition Rated Stars penis 9/11 edition BRB Forum Spam BRB Forum Spam Rated Stars brb bbs PENIS #03 PENIS #03 Rated Stars three PENIS #02 PENIS #02 Rated Stars penis plz PENIS #01 PENIS #01 Rated Stars hi;;; youre all a bunch of FAGS youre all a bunch of FAGS Rated Stars aaaaa im gay This Is What FUCK you ce This Is What FUCK you ce Rated Stars HEY TOMORROW NOBODY IS SHIT Naruto &amp;amp; Sakura Hentai #7 Naruto & Sakura Hentai #7 Rated Stars Naruto gets his dick out once again. Comedy - Parody This is what FUCK YOU! This is what FUCK YOU! Rated Stars This is what you want is a big STEAMING PILE OF SHIT Be right back COLLABjihho Be right back COLLABjihho Rated Stars i'm a fuckin fag Whycantistopmasturbating? Whycantistopmasturbating? Rated Stars a time for joy Necro-Strawberry Necro-Strawberry Rated Stars necrophile Experimental You're a fucking idiot ok You're a fucking idiot ok Rated Stars Warm Liquid Goo fase complete And then allah goes BOOM! And then allah goes BOOM! Rated Stars allah goes boom! Gaybar : faggets Gaybar : faggets Rated Stars hello administrators Pie Collab Pie Collab Rated Stars pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee Dad Works Hard Dad Works Hard Rated Stars Dad works hard The Not Very Funny Collab The Not Very Funny Collab Rated Stars not very funny GAYBAR : COUSIN FAGGOT GAYBAR : COUSIN FAGGOT Rated Stars Cousin swallow assfucking naruto hentai assfucking naruto hentai Rated Stars The Feeling Guitar Jammin' 2 Guitar Jammin' 2 Rated Stars HARD ROCK MOTHERFUCKERS!!! CHICKENPUSSYFUCKER CHICKENPUSSYFUCKER Rated Stars hood at Zelda: Heart for the Fag Zelda: Heart for the Fag Rated Stars Heart for a faggot Comedy - Parody FFC #002 FFC #002 Rated Stars The second fapfafpa fpafpapfd collaboration is here! FFC #001 FFC #001 Rated Stars Fapping Friends Collab #001 Fapping Friends PSA Fapping Friends PSA Rated Stars Yes Fapping Friends are Here Fapping Friends are Here Rated Stars He was my best fapping friend GAYBAR : CORRECTION GAYBAR : CORRECTION Rated Stars Ackbar is a lame rip off FUCK YOU SUCK DICK FUCK YOU SUCK DICK Rated Stars faggot Paddy is Emo Paddy is Emo Rated Stars Paddy is emo Problems With Windows Problems With Windows Rated Stars Blue screens are lol -50th- -50th- Rated Stars Heil's 50th submission. HOMOSEXUAL BLACK PEOPLE HOMOSEXUAL BLACK PEOPLE Rated Stars You are gay YOU ARE A FAT UGLY FAGGOT YOU ARE A FAT UGLY FAGGOT Rated Stars BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM I WANT TO FUCK WADE FULP duck.fla tribute duck.fla tribute Rated Stars tribute to a lost fla GAYBAR : STOLEN GAYBAR : STOLEN Rated Stars MeatwadSprite steals our intro. -Prehistoric Gaty- -Prehistoric Gaty- Rated Stars gaty challenge MC GATY FUCK YOU MC GATY FUCK YOU Rated Stars A history of Gaty Naruto &amp;amp; Sakura Hentai #5 Naruto & Sakura Hentai #5 Rated Stars The old mans jug Spam 100 SLICES OF F4Gg0TRY!!! 100 SLICES OF F4Gg0TRY!!! Rated Stars This is the NG F4Gg0T's 100th movie rofl GAYBAR : COLLECTION GAYBAR : COLLECTION Rated Stars GAYBAR : COLLECTION Title: . Title: . Rated Stars psychedelic GAYBAR : PROTECTION GAYBAR : PROTECTION Rated Stars GAYBAR EPISODE 2 LMFAO GAYBAR : A MESSAGE GAYBAR : A MESSAGE Rated Stars A spoof of ACKBAR with a hint of GAY. Pico Vs Unterkids Pico Vs Unterkids Rated Stars Pico has one HUGE Gun! pico is fucking hot oh my pico is fucking hot oh my Rated Stars lol -=F4Gg0T Pico Day=- -=F4Gg0T Pico Day=- Rated Stars NG F4Gg0ts make a Pico Day collab. Comedy - Parody Sex0r Music Collection Sex0r Music Collection Rated Stars Sex0r makes music Stickman Hentai 2 Stickman Hentai 2 Rated Stars stick men hentai 2 Really Crap Flash Really Crap Flash Rated Stars The coal fire [{Too Wide}] [{Too Wide}] Rated Stars Too Wide For TV 20th April 20th April Rated Stars Happy birthday to Hitler! Other PEDOPHILE FUCK YOU ASSHOL PEDOPHILE FUCK YOU ASSHOL Rated Stars A collab about jem. Blush Collab 2 Blush Collab 2 Rated Stars blush.gif Naruto &amp;amp; Sakura Hentai #4 Naruto & Sakura Hentai #4 Rated Stars An amazing adventure. Spam WTF is this?! WTF is this?! Rated Stars Bob is lost. 8 Y.O TWINS FACIAL HENTAI 8 Y.O TWINS FACIAL HENTAI Rated Stars Behind Fleek is Swell Fleek is Swell Rated Stars Fleek is Swell Nothing Intresting Nothing Intresting Rated Stars This flash isn't good. Spam 300 FAGGOTS 300 FAGGOTS Rated Stars N****RS N****RS N****RS N****RS Spam Tribute to Gabriel1984 Tribute to Gabriel1984 Rated Stars A tribute to Gabriel1984! Spam STEPHEN HAWKING GETS LAID STEPHEN HAWKING GETS LAID Rated Stars Stephen Hawking gets laid. Comedy - Parody Matt2k7 is Swell Matt2k7 is Swell Rated Stars Matt sucks cock. RAPE IT LIKE PYRAMID HEAD RAPE IT LIKE PYRAMID HEAD Rated Stars he's gonna rape you Naruto &amp;amp; Sakura Hentai #3 Naruto & Sakura Hentai #3 Rated Stars Naruto & Sakura Hentai #3 Spam Angry Collab Angry Collab Rated Stars We got angry, sorry. This Flash Sucks This Flash Sucks Rated Stars Don't watch My Newgrounds Tale My Newgrounds Tale Rated Stars Just some flash about newgrounds. 15Y.O GIRLS SWAP CUMLOAD! 15Y.O GIRLS SWAP CUMLOAD! Rated Stars SUP Spam PHOENIX IS FUCKING FUNNY PHOENIX IS FUCKING FUNNY Rated Stars This flash sucks, dont bother watching. STICKMAN HENTAI STICKMAN HENTAI Rated Stars when sticks get horny 2 EBONY GIRLS SHARE DICK 2 EBONY GIRLS SHARE DICK Rated Stars Brief Description:Maximum of 90 characters. Naruto &amp;amp; Sakura Hentai #2 Naruto & Sakura Hentai #2 Rated Stars Bob is on an epic adventure Spam [{300}] [{300}] Rated Stars Not even 300 men could stop us making this! tilt yo head collab dfgds tilt yo head collab dfgds Rated Stars f {My Song} {My Song} Rated Stars The tale of JoshCube! Blush Collab 1 Blush Collab 1 Rated Stars A brief description. Spam Penis Collab Penis Collab Rated Stars An epic collab about cocks. what. what. Rated Stars yeh Tribute to Saiyan-Weasel Tribute to Saiyan-Weasel Rated Stars A tribute to Saiyan-Weasel Kitty Krew has 1 weakness Kitty Krew has 1 weakness Rated Stars The KittyKrew has one weakness. nasty nasty Rated Stars Excessive An Important Message An Important Message Rated Stars f4gg0t are sorry. panzer power panzer power Rated Stars panzer ;) We &amp;lt;3 Stagbeetle 2 We <3 Stagbeetle 2 Rated Stars ;; We &amp;lt;3 Circles We <3 Circles Rated Stars Circles Tribute to BetaVolt Tribute to BetaVolt Rated Stars BetaVolt KingofptwRawkzTheInternet KingofptwRawkzTheInternet Rated Stars Kingofptw rawks We &amp;lt;3 Tom Fulp We <3 Tom Fulp Rated Stars A manly stud! We &amp;lt;3 f We <3 f Rated Stars The letter f has his own flash. We &amp;lt;3 AfroStud We <3 AfroStud Rated Stars Never forget <3 We &amp;lt;3 M-Bot We <3 M-Bot Rated Stars Why do people keep thinking it's a person? Spam SCREWDRIVER RAPE SCREWDRIVER RAPE Rated Stars Screwdrivers are cool. Spam We &amp;lt;3 RupeeClock We <3 RupeeClock Rated Stars RupeeClock is awesome Spam We &amp;lt;3 NG Voters We <3 NG Voters Rated Stars NG Voters We &amp;lt;3 Little-Rena We <3 Little-Rena Rated Stars Little-Rena We &amp;lt;3 Robot Rangers We <3 Robot Rangers Rated Stars Robot Rangers We &amp;lt;3 The Kitty Krew We <3 The Kitty Krew Rated Stars Kitty Krew Spam We &amp;lt;3 FatBadger We <3 FatBadger Rated Stars FatBadger Spam We &amp;lt;3 The Star Syndicate We <3 The Star Syndicate Rated Stars NG F4Gg0Ts love the Star Syndicate Spam LOLOLOL Ep. 002 LOLOLOL Ep. 002 Rated Stars LOLOL yes. LOLOLOL Ep. 001 LOLOLOL Ep. 001 Rated Stars LOLOLOL is the comment. The Hotel Room The Hotel Room Rated Stars Strange things go on in hotels: Hand sex TOM FULP INCEST HENTAI SE TOM FULP INCEST HENTAI SE Rated Stars Awesome dude! Hilarity ensues! Spam Drunken Dude Ep. Love Drunken Dude Ep. Love Rated Stars Drunken Dude loves everyone. Drunken Dude Ep. 10 Drunken Dude Ep. 10 Rated Stars It's Drunken Dude and his girlfriend! Spam The Crap Collab The Crap Collab Rated Stars CRAPPY; HELL YEAH. Drunken Dude Ep. 9 Drunken Dude Ep. 9 Rated Stars L0L drunken dudeeeeeee Drunken Dude Ep. 8 Drunken Dude Ep. 8 Rated Stars Mafia guys!! Ahh! Drunken Dude Ep. 7 Drunken Dude Ep. 7 Rated Stars Drunken Dude gets stuck in a mess. Drunken Dude Ep. 6 Drunken Dude Ep. 6 Rated Stars This personally scares me... [Part A] [Part A] Rated Stars Another stupid annoying collab Drunken Dude Ep. 5 Drunken Dude Ep. 5 Rated Stars Drunken dude is on the run! marioXsonic marioXsonic Rated Stars no Tribute to matt2k7 Tribute to matt2k7 Rated Stars A tribute to one of NG's best reviewers. ###Tweening!!### ###Tweening!!### Rated Stars fuck off Spam Drunken Dude Ep. 4 Drunken Dude Ep. 4 Rated Stars The effects of alcohol can be bad. We Hate Rena Collab We Hate Rena Collab Rated Stars Nobody likes poor Little-Rena anymore. Comedy - Parody Drunken Dude Ep. 2 Drunken Dude Ep. 2 Rated Stars Yet another epic episode, yo. Phoenix Wright Hentai Phoenix Wright Hentai Rated Stars Phoenix Wright Hentai Spam